Life Lessons From My First Marathon

·         Set impossible goals. Running a Marathon looks impossible but, in fact, is only very hard.

·         Persistence matters. Putting one foot in front of the other will move you towards your goals.

·         Don’t start too fast. You have to manage yourself for the entire race.

·         Don’t start too slow. Why give yourself a disadvantage at the start?

·         Be adaptable. There will always be surprises no matter how prepared you think you are.

·         Everyone can be a “winner.” There are other ways to “win” than being “first.” 

·         Don’t underestimate your opponents. You may get beaten by a 90 year old in a tutu.

·         Applaud heroes. I ran several miles with firefighters in full gear including air tanks!

·         Keep “self-talk” positive. What you tell yourself affects your attitude and performance.

·         Hills are a part of life. Have a strategy to deal with them.

·         Find joy in the journey. There is much to enjoy along the way.

·         Having the best gear does not make you faster or better.

·         Pain is not a reason to give up. The other guy is hurting, too.

·         Encourage each other. You will both do better as a result.

·         Don’t always run solo. The right partner will push you to higher levels.

·         Say, “thank you” to those that support you along the journey.