My background is unusual and diverse. I am a Senior Vice President in a Fortune 200 company with which I have worked for many years. I am also an entrepreneur operating a growing financial services business inside the company.

Outside of the corporate world my background and interests include time as a professional musician, as a bi-vocational pastor, as a karate sensei and demonstration team leader, and as a marathoner. I have also been involved in various volunteer and philanthropic efforts for many years. 

My volunteer efforts include experience as a charity fundraiser; work on industry, non-profit, and charity boards; and work on social and child welfare projects locally and around the world. I have helped support efforts in Latin America, Haiti, India, Lebanon, and the Philippines. More recently, I have been focused on finding ways to help some sweet kids in orphanages in Honduras (pictured above), and community transformation efforts in Nicaragua.

I believe that linking high performance with higher purpose leads to outsized success and the ability to make a transformative impact. Whatever the endeavor, I want to “Make It Matter” and see the results of my involvement. I am occasionally asked for my personal mission statement. It is simply to use my God-given abilities and opportunities to change the world and to help others do the same!

-Alan Buttery